Maximise your fitness gains and speed up recovery

200ml - 500ml



Hydration is key for Optimal performance

Stay Hydrated: Maintain optimal hydration levels with a great taste
Boost Performance: Enhance your stamina and endurance with recuperol
Speedy Recovery: Recover faster post-workout and get back to the gym sooner
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Recuperol is an electrolyte and vitamin drink designed for sports performance and recovery. Unlike isotonic drinks such as Powerade and Lucozade, which primarily offer carbohydrate energy, recuperol focuses on rapid rehydration. As a hypotonic drink, it efficiently addresses the crucial aspect of hydration, enhancing performance.

It is! Recuperol also has no added sugar, natural fruit flavours and is free from GMO, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours and preservatives.

Maltodextrin, a fast-digesting carbohydrate in sports drinks and snacks, provides athletes with a swift energy boost. Unlike some carbs, it requires less water for digestion, preventing further dehydration. Its inclusion in recuperol contributes to the drink's appealing taste and texture, even in small quantities.

Recuperol is manufactured and packaged in the UK. Our manufacturing facilities are GMP certified, ensuring a high-quality product.

There is less than 1g of sugar per serving. Sugar is necessary for recuperol to conform to World Health Organisation standards for an oral rehydration solution. The composition of electrolytes and glucose (sugar) make recuperol a hypotonic drink; the fastest way possible to rehydrate.