Our Story

As an avid gym-goer (and lover of frequent parties) in 2017, I stumbled across Oral Rehydration Salts, a product that would boost recovery time and allow my body to absorb more water quickly. Finally, I didn't need to sacrifice my social life to get fit! I was soon a consistent user for a variety of activities but I always found the available options extremely limited. With most competitors having a low electrolyte content or an awful taste, I set out with the goal of developing the best rehydration formula with the right balance of important qualities; Great Taste, Rapid Dissolve and a High Electrolyte Content to get your water:electrolyte balance back. This is how recuperol was born!

- Rory Devine, founder of recuperol

  • Not only did we want the formula to be great - we wanted to ensure the best buying experience for all of our customers and reward our most loyal!

    That’s why we offer:

    - Better value than competitors

    - Fast & Free Delivery on all orders

    - Letter Box Friendly packaging to make deliveries as easy as possible (No more waiting for the delivery driver!)

    - Responsive customer service for any questions 

    - 20% off for subscribing customers

Another thing we think is important is to have our products made right here in the UK. By being UK made & owned, we have more control over manufacturing quality and labour standards. Another benefit is that we can offer faster shipping and product restocks, ensuring less wait time for recuperol+ customers. 

 Recuperol is an electrolyte replacement drink with added vitamins, specially formulated to help you Rehydrate & Recuperate. With an all-natural, great-tasting and rapid-dissolve formula, boosting the effectiveness of your water has never been easier! Level-up your rehydration with our fast-acting alternative to plain water.